Lover's Isle Table Decor Flower Jar Set

Lover's Isle Table Decor Flower Jar Set

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This deep red, rich purple and delicate pink bunch is inspired by the Welsh patron saint of love Dwynwen. According to legend she tragically fell in love with Maelon who she was forbidden to marry. Distraught, she was granted 3 wishes - one of which that God would take care of all true lovers henceforth. Dwynwen spent her life on a small island off Anglesey surrounded by wild waves, dramatic mountains and thoughts of her lost lover. Perhaps it’s to this Celtic saint’s wishes that we owe our own luck in love.

Each of our flower jar sets come with a selection of varying sizes to create depth and texture on your table. As a guide to how many you’ll need, we’d recommend the following quantities:

2.5m table- 12 Jars
5m table- 24 Jars
7.5m table- 36 jars
10m table- 48 jars
Round table- 3 jars per table

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