Aurora's Call Table Decor Flower Jar Set

Aurora's Call Table Decor Flower Jar Set

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Inspired by the dawn, Aurora’s Call is an ode to the early hours, it’s orange skies, it’s hope and it’s promise. In Roman mythology, the goddess Aurora renews herself each morning, flying across the sky to announce the arrival of the sun.

Each of our flower jar sets come with a selection of varying sizes to create depth and texture on your table. As a guide to how many you’ll need, we’d recommend the following quantities:

2.5m table- 12 Jars
5m table- 24 Jars
7.5m table- 36 jars
10m table- 48 jars
Round table- 3 jars per table

Delivery: We’re not able to courier our flower jar sets- please select pick up at checkout. Alternatively if you requite delivery and set up at your venue please get in touch first for a quote.

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