To Keep You Cool

As the temperature rises, we share how to use the power of plants to keep you cool during the hot summer months.


When you need a little help cooling down, peppermint essential oil has great cooling properties due to its high menthol content. Make a cool peppermint foot bath by mixing sea salt with peppermint, lavender and clary sage essential oils. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to aloe vera gel and rub a small amount onto your temples or back of the neck for an instant cooling relief. Lavender is great for sunburn, add to aloe vera gel to cool down quickly. Cool lavender baths and chilled compresses are perfect for when you’re finding the heat overwhelming or need relief from a heat-induced headache.

A watermelon smoothie is the perfect summer cooler, blend with strawberries, banana and coconut water for hydrating, vitamin and antioxidant rich refreshment, the coconut water will help to replenish electrolytes which will keep you extra cool. Apart from cold drinks there are certain foods than can regulate your body temperature and cool you down, such as mushrooms, citrus fruits and mint.

An aloe vera plant is not only good for soothing sunburn but it is also very effective at cooling down the air in a space as their leaves release oxygen and remove formaldehyde from the air which increases in high humidity and hot temperatures. Similarly ferns help to clean the air of formaldehyde and are one of the most effective air purifying plants. Finally, if the heat and humidity are becoming too intoxicating, just find the nearest pool or beach for a refreshing dip.


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