September is here! This month not only marks the start of autumn but a new season within the world of fashion too, so we’re focusing on all things fashion sharing our muses, style inspirations and happenings.


Celebrate the start of September and Mid-Autumn festival with our Harvest Moon Bouquet and Flower Jars. The dreamy and whimsical bunch evokes the magic and wonder of the autumn season with a delicate and soft colour palette. Our favourite time of year spent both daydreaming and dancing beneath the moonlight.



Centrestage is Hong Kong’s biggest fashion showcase of both Asian and international brands and designers, taking place 4-7th September. From fashion shows to talks and workshops, there are plenty of opportunities to discover up-and-coming designers and explore new trends. Fashion Summit on 5-6th September is a two-day conference focusing on sustainable fashion, creating a platform for brands, NGOs, industry insiders and the media to share their insights on the latest sustainable fashion trends, technology, and opportunities.

Ffixxed Studios

Ffixxed Studios



This month’s full moon will be on 14th September and its is often referred to as the Harvest Moon, this is the astronomical name and refers to the full Moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox. The Harvest Moon will rise at sunset and its bright early evening glow would traditionally help farmers harvest their crops. Other names for September’s full moon are corn moon or barley moon, these relate to both corn and barley being harvested at this time of year. Here is Hong Kong, September’s full moon marks Mid-Autumn festival, a time to gather with family and eat moon cakes.



An ode to the new season we share John Updike’s poem, September

The breezes taste

Of apple peel.

The air is full

Of smells to feel-

Ripe fruit, old footballs,

Burning brush,

New books, erasers,

Chalk, and such.

The bee, his hive,

Well-honeyed hum,

And Mother cuts


Like plates washed clean

With suds, the days

Are polished with

A morning haze.

-John Updike


The birthstone for this month is sapphire, known for its rich blue colour. Since Ancient times the blue gemstone represented a promise of honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. According to legend, sapphire would guard against evil and poisoning.

Far right: Another Magazine editorial by Jackie Nickerson

Far right: Another Magazine editorial by Jackie Nickerson


Celebrate the new season with our whimsical Harvest Moon arrangements

Harvest Moon Bud Vase

Harvest Moon Flower Bouquet

Harvest Moon Mini Flower Jar