Hello June! This month is about all things summery; the summer solstice on 21st marks the day with the longest hours of sunlight. June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of the god of thunder and sky, Jupiter. Juno is the protecting goddess of marriage and a married couple's home, so it is considered good luck to be married during this month.


The birth flowers for June are rose and honeysuckle, both represent love and reflect the beauty of the month. It’s the time of the year when nature is in full bloom, to celebrate nature’s beauty and bounty our latest bouquet Midsummer’s Reverie is an ode to summer. The bright and uplift colour palette of pretty pink and bright yellow will bring a sense of the wilderness indoors. In Hong Kong, it’s the perfect time to go for walks in parks and gardens to enjoy all the bright flowering trees in bloom. Some of our favourites include the yellow golden shower trees that can be found in Kowloon park and Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, plus the vibrant red flame trees in Victoria Park and South Bay beach.



The full Strawberry Moon will fall on 17th June, named by North American indigenous tribes as it was seen as a signal for when wild strawberries were ripe for picking. In Chinese culture June’s full moon is known as the Lotus Moon, while in Europe its called the Hot Moon, to signify the start of hot summer days or Hay Moon for the first hay harvest of the season. Another name for June’s full moon is Honey Moon, this relates to the traditional European gift of honey or mead, a fermented honey liquor given to newly wed couples on the first full moon of their marriage. In Ancient Europe newly weds would go on a romantic holiday - honeymoon during June’s full moon, as it was thought the moon phases reflected the different stages of marriage, and the full moon signifies the happiest time - the wedding ceremony.

Camellias and Strawberry Full Moon by Vanessa Stockard

Camellias and Strawberry Full Moon by Vanessa Stockard

Celebrating the full Strawberry Moon

Celebrating the full Strawberry Moon



There are three different birthstones for people born in June - pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. Pearls are the only gemstone to be created by living creatures, they’re made of layers and layers of lustrous nacre produced within mollusk shells. Their name comes from the old French word perle and the Latin perna meaning “leg,” referencing the leg-of-mutton shape of an open mollusk shell. The ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the hardened tears of joy from Aphrodite, the goddess of love, while in Japanese folklore they were thought to be tears of mermaids.

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone that changes colour from bluish green in daylight to purplish red under incandescent light, this is why the stones are often described as emerald by day, ruby by night. According to legend they were discovered in Russia’s Ural mountains on the same day as Prince Alexander II of Russia’s birthday and the stones were named in his honour. The colours reflect the hues of Imperial Russia’s military uniform and it was the official gemstone of Imperial Russia’s Tsardom.

Moonstone was named after the Roman natural historian Pliny, who thought that moonstone’s shimmery appearance changed with the phases of the moon, a belief that still continues today. The Ancient Romans and Greeks both greatly admired the stone and it was associated with lunar deities. According to Hindu mythology Moonstone could bring beautiful and magical dreams, it was portrayed in legends as a sacred and magical “dream stone” that was made from the moon’s ethereal light.


From Dragon Boat Festival to art exhibitions, June will be a busy month ahead. Audrey by Bob Willoughby, is a rare photography exhibition showing the intimate side of the Hollywood actress. For lovers of the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, Murakami vs Murakami will be taking over Tai Kwun, showcasing more than 60 pieces of artwork by the iconic eccentric artist. Celebrate the annual Dragon Boat Festival at Stanley Dragon Boat Championships and the Dragon Boat Carnival on Victoria Harbour.

Audrey by Bob Willoughy

Audrey by Bob Willoughy



For this month, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem June perfectly represents this month and why it’s one of the most beautiful times of the year.

"Mine is the Month of Roses; yes, and mine

The Month of Marriages! All pleasant sights

And scents, the fragrance of the blossoming vine,

The foliage of the valleys and the heights.

Mine are the longest days, the loveliest nights;

The mower's scythe makes music to my ear;

I am the mother of all dear delights;

I am the fairest daughter of the year."


The fragrant scent of botanicals such as juniper, citrus fruits and coriander seeds used to create gin remind us that its time to celebrate World Gin Day on 8th June. Gin lovers should visit Ginsanity, the first outdoor gin festival on 8th June at PMQ, discover and try craft gins fro around the world. Join Dr Fern’s World Gin Day Masterclass to learn more about the the history, flavours and botanicals of gin, plus there’s an opportunity to garnish your own drinks with their botanical gin garden.

Gin botanical, Corriander seed

Gin botanical, Corriander seed

Celebrate World Gin Day

Celebrate World Gin Day

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