Self Care Rituals

Dedicate some time to yourself for daily self care rituals. From yoga and mediation to beauty treatments and skincare routines, create a space that gives you the opportunity to completely focus on yourself. We share three different rituals where the power of flowers will to help boost your mood and create the perfect ambience for your self-care sanctuary at home.

Bathroom Blues

Refresh your bathroom with a floral touch. Our flower jars work perfectly in a bathroom and add bring an element of the wild indoors. The Baby Blue arrangement creates a soothing feel with its calming colour palette of blue and white, whilst adding a subtle hint of colour to your bathroom space. Continue the clean and fresh feel with minimal bathroom accessories. Our natural Aurora’s Call room spray contains an uplifting blend of lemongrass, bergamot and grapefruit to refresh your space.


Tranquil Yoga Space

Create a calming and serene space for yoga or mediation practice at home, with a clean and fresh colour palette of white and green flowers and foliage. Don’t underestimate the power of setting the scene before your begin your mindful practice, it will enhance your experience and lift your spirits. Our All Saints bunch will add balance and harmony to the space, whilst the soothing hues also help to reduce stress and anxiety. Complement the fresh colour palette with neutral furniture and accessories to continue the harmonious vibes.


Dressing Table Blooms

Complement your beauty routine with delicate blooms on your dressing table and give yourself the opportunity to indulge in a short meditation session with flowers. Take a few minutes to focus on the flowers, look at the details of the petals and leaves, concentrate on your breathing before you start your beauty routine and it will help energize you for the day ahead.



Enhance your self care rituals with our wild and natural blooms

Midsummer’s Reverie Large Flower Jar

All Saints Flower Bouquet

Baby Blue Flower Jar