Refresh Your Desk This Spring

The start of spring always makes us think about new beginnings and giving our home a little refresh, however it’s important to not forget your work space too. By breathing new life into where you work, not only will it lead to increased productivity but make it a much more enjoyable space to spend time in. From co-working spaces to home desks we share how to give them a refresh with flowers this spring.

Co-working Space

With the aim of promoting collaboration and communication co-working spaces harness a more relaxed working environment. Our Aurora’s Call bunch is an ideal choice for a shared working space. The use of peach in the arrangement will help to create a social and talkative atmosphere, perfect for networking with others.  Also orange tones represent happiness, success and determination, which are all perfect when you want to promote a productive aura. Create texture and interest on a communal table with an array of different size jars, while the bouquet in the centre gives a focal point to the table.


Home Desk

Create a calming environment with our All Saints bunch. The fresh and clean palette will add  balance and harmony, perfect for a home desk where its key to create a seperate working space from your living areas. Green is the easiest colour on the eyes, so it’s perfect if you’re working long hours as it does not contribute to eye fatigue. The soothing hue will also improve creativity, reduce stress and anxiety. Complement the fresh colour palette with neutral or earthy tone furniture to continue the harmonious vibes.


Office Space

Add a touch of the wild and natural to an office space with our The Witching Hour bunch, the purple tone bunch is perfect for add a unconventional floral element to a working environment. Purple is associated with spirituality and luxury, who doesn’t want an injection of these elements in their daily lives. The addition of lots of green foliage will provide clarity and rejuvenation. Our bud vases make the perfect desk buddy and will give you a little floral pick-me-up. In a shared working space, flowers will help to set the right tone and ambience, also consider scented candles and room spray to continue the feast for the senses, our Aurora’s Call room spray is refreshing and uplifting blend of lemongrass, bergamot and grapefruit.



Revitalise your desk with fresh blooms this spring

Aurora’s Call Large Flower Jar

All Saints Flower Bouquet

The Witching Hour Bud Vase