Refresh Your Clothes

Harness the natural scent of plants and flowers to refresh, scent and even clean your clothes. 

Tea tree essential oil is great for immune support as well as fighting against mold & mildew. Give your clothing a clean and fresh scent with eucalyptus, or combine with lavender or spearmint to add a calming and relaxing essence to garments. Peppermint or spearmint will give your clothing an energizing, fresh and crisp aroma. Plus they also have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, making them ideal scent for when you’re washing gym or hiking clothes.

US Vogue editorial

US Vogue editorial


Lemon essential oil not only has an invigorating scent that will promote positivity but the citrus oil is also great at removes stains, just rub a few drops directly onto the spot, let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash as normal.

There are two different ways you can use essential oils in your washing routine; add 4-6 drops of your chosen essential oil to unscented washing detergent or add water and a few drops of oil to the fabric softener compartment before you begin a new washing cycle. Alternatively, make your own natural fabric softener; combine 20-30 drops of essential oil with 4 litres of white vinegar, add a cup to a large load or half a cup to a small load for softer and fresher clothes.

Lastly give your clothing drawers a fresh fragrance. Once you’ve finished with a bottle of essential oil, remove the lid and dropper, place inside the drawer to infuse your clothes. Woody scents work particularly well here as their clean scents last a bit longer, however lavender adds a soothing aroma or mandarin gives an uplifting fragrance. For a stronger effect, add a few drops to white fabric and place in a drawer between your clothes or put crushed dried eucalyptus leaves into a small empty tea bag for a natural drawer freshener.


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