Ping Pong Private Event

For a private event at the stylish Ping Pong Gintonería in Sai Ying Pun, we used pampas grass, roses and statice. The result was avant-garde, intimate, yet fun for a gin-fuelled celebration with family and friends.

The hanging pampas grass installation gave a sense of drama and acted as focal point for the event - a wild, floral chandelier. Pampas grass are native to South America, this includes the pampas region which they are named after. The latin name cortaderia selloana, references the sharp edged leaves, cortaderia means cutter in Spanish. Their long, gracious stalks are perfect for large-scale installations, adding a sense of wilderness to any arrangement.

The pampas grass with its ludicrous feathers and plumes.
The pampas grass, taking the warmth and light from cuttings and bulbs, sunning itself,
stealing the show with its footstools, cushions and tufts
and its twelve-foot spears.
— Extract from Chainsaw versus the Pampas Grass , Simon Armitage

Simon Armitage’s poem Chainsaw versus the Pampas Grass, is often interpreted as a symbol of man against nature. The chainsaw acts as the man against the world, with his masculinity and power. The pampas grass - symbolises nature, which obviously wins the battle against man; resilient and a constant source of life representing regeneration and new life.


The table arrangements featured white statice, champagne and pale pink roses, the addition of pampas grass gave a edgier touch and connected the whole theme together. The overall contemporary floral design complemented the cool, eclectic interior of the former ping pong factory, setting the stage for fabulous night ahead!



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