Veronica Li

On a bright morning we caught up with stylist and image consultant Veronica Li at her chic office. From styling campaigns for luxury brands and preparing looks for editorial shots to keeping up with the latest trends at fashion weeks, Veronica’s unique vision and bold style is always present. We chatted to her about her inspirations, creating a stylish office space and all things floral.


Can you describe what you do?

I wear different hats sometimes I’m a stylist, image consultant, columnist and recently I started staff training for fashion brands. It all revolves around fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The key factor that I noticed why brands work with me is my vision for elegance and making creative content that brings another perspective to the audience. 

How did you start styling?

Since a young age I have always had a passion for fashion, after high school it was clear I wanted to step into styling instead of fashion design. With my fine art and multimedia background, I started building my portfolio and eventually I landed a job assisting Denise Ho, one of Hong Kong’s top stylists, where I gained most of my experience. The turning point of my styling was when I created my own blog, it allowed me to share my style and vision with a wider audience. It also connected me with international fashion and beauty brands which lead me to styling their digital campaigns. 


Who are your biggest style inspirations? 

Anything from the 50s always gives me inspiration, especially Audrey Hepburn’s timeless elegance. Plus Grace Kelly, Babe Paley, Diana Vreeland and Victoria Beckham are always great sources of inspiration.

What trends are you most excited about for AW2019? 

Houndstooth is definitely one of the trends I’m super excited about. Chanel’s show totally got me hooked on the print. Puff sleeves for extra drama and edge from Givenchy. Lastly a blazer, blouse and skirt combo was all over the catwalks, I feel it’s a modern revamp of the 50’s elegance blended with 80s power dressing, which makes it perfect for the modern woman.


If you could only give one piece of styling advice what would it be? 

Know your body type before you buy anything. Many of my clients have no idea what to enhance and what to hide when dressing. It’s all about creating illusions!

Describe your interior style. 

My interior style is more transitional, there’s a sense of balance that’s appealing and unexpected. Marble and velvet are always my go to textures but I don’t like to overdo it. Even for my office, I decided to make it more welcoming instead of a plain office style with desks in rows, I want my team to feel cozy yet creative when working together. I like my space to have a calming and relaxing factor that at the same time feels both stylish and sleek. 


What effect does your surrounding interiors have on your mood or feelings?

I like my surrounding interiors to have a source of daylight and greens to brighten up my mood. I personally really love the sunset light in my office, I try to keep everything in light colours that will open up a space with strategic color-pop accents. Whenever I’m at work, like to put on piano or movie soundtracks to bring out the creative feeling in the office.

What are your favourite flowers? 

Hydrangeas and peonies are my favorite flowers. I only like them in white, blue and green, and I guess you can say I like flowers that bring feelings of positivity, prosperity and honesty. 


How does your flower choice reflect your personal and interior style? 

I like flowers that bring a subtle harmony to my interiors. I prefer to keep the flower colours monochrome, as it can be very soothing and modern. If there’s a day when I need a boost of energy I would add a centerpiece with a pop of colour but I’m not a fan of clashing colours, such as purple, red and orange together. It’s too vibrant and kills the harmony. 

I like flowers that bring a subtle harmony to my interiors.

Tell us about your most powerful flower memory. 

My wedding bouquet is my most powerful flower memory, it was handcrafted by my mother as a wedding blessing. It was exactly what I wanted for my bridal bouquet as I had seen other bouquets that I thought were too much or it didn’t have any character. 

What is your go-to scent or fragrance? 

I love woody and leather scents with a subtle musk. 



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