Nikita Ramchandani

We caught up with Hong Kong-born Nikita Ramchandani, founder of boutique yoga studio Kita Yoga. After swapping the busy world of finance for a slower pace of life, Nikita set up her minimalist studio with the aim of creating a yoga community beyond the mat and a space where people felt at home. We chatted to her about how yoga has effected her life, her interior style and all things floral.


Describe what you do

I’m the founder of Kita Yoga, which is a boutique studio in Hong Kong, where I teach yoga, meditation and sculpt.

What inspired you to open Kita Yoga?

I had a vision for a space that wasn’t being offered in Hong Kong. Creating a community was one of the main intentions behind establishing Kita Yoga, and from the start we have collaborated with friends in the neighbourhood to create a real holistic space. At times Hong Kong can feel isolating and competitive. I wanted to create a place, or better yet a neighbourhood, that feels like home. The studio is a minimalist space with an inclusive vibe and light, bright and airy qualities with lots of plants. Although we are situated right in Soho, the place feels like a real escape from the city. 

What makes Kita Yoga Unique?

 Our mission is to offer an authentic, innovative and informative practice focused on the functionality of the body, offering tools and techniques to enhance life outside of class. We are continuously learning and being inspired to understand what the body needs. Our teaching is always progressing and integrating new work as peoples’ needs evolve. We truly want to promote yoga as a lifestyle and understand that its unique to each individual.

 When did you start practicing yoga?

I stumbled upon yoga when I was at university in New York. It was a progressive addiction; I loved the way it made me feel and how it complemented my active life.

When you weave together the breath, the mind and the body you find this euphoric feeling and a sense of clarity.

How has practising and teaching yoga affected your life?

Yoga has positively impacted me in so many different ways. It changed my inner dialogue which on a subconscious level affects how I act and communicate. When you weave together the breath, the mind and the body you find this euphoric feeling and a sense of clarity. The practice has been one of exploration for me, allowing me to understand myself on a deeper level and have a better relationship with myself.

Describe your typical day

Its a mix between teaching, work for the studio, brainstorming, implementing new strategies and training.  I’m usually up at 5am and love to start my morning with a mini self practice, coffee and a book. On a day off I like to get lost in Hong Kong’s nature, I will go on a hike or spend mornings at the beach. 

How can we incorporate flowers into yoga and mediation?

Flowers are so real, alive and raw which brings an element of grounding and comfort to the space in which you practice and meditate. Flowers evoke memories with their scent. They bring happiness and are visually beautiful; they provide the perfect setting to find present moment awareness and depth in your practice, allowing for it to have intention and purpose.



Describe your interior style

Minimalist, white, light wood and green. Bright and airy with lots of windows, plants, flowers and open spaces.  


How does your space make you feel?

My space makes me feel like I'm enveloped in warmth, calmness and coziness. It makes me feel at home, which allows me to be creative and productive.


Where is your favourite area in the studio? And why?

By the big window, I lie with my legs up against the wall and watch the clouds pass by and the leaves rustle - two of my favourite things.  


What are your favourite flowers?

Lilies, they’re so fragile yet powerful with a hint of sweetness.  I also love whites, lavenders with pops of rosy pink and lots of foliage. 


Tell us about your most powerful flower memory

My boyfriend and I are in long distance relationship, once he flew to New York and surprised me with a sunflower in his hand. He says I remind him of sunflowers because I’m always happy. Since then any time I am down he shows up with a sunflower :) 


What is your favourite scent?

Santal 33 by Le Labo - it reminds me of home.


Tell us about a significant scent in your life and what memories it evokes

There are so many scents that make me feel like I'm living. The first whiff of fresh air when you get off a plane, the wind and trees just after rain, the ocean in your hair, the scent of your love’s skin.



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