Chris Lo

Fashion buyer and private dining chef Chris Lo invited us into her bright and stylish apartment where we chatted to her about cosy interiors, setting the right ambience for a dinner party as well as her favourite flowers.


Describe what you do

I’m a fashion and lifestyle buyer at multi-brand concept store Kapok. I also run a private dining project from my home called Pesto and Lab.

How did you start organising and cooking for private dining events?

In 2015, I started a private dining project with my partner on the app called Plateculture. People can book to come to our home for dinner, usually we cater for parties of 2 – 10 people. We’ve loved sharing our creations and special moments with our guests over the past few years. We also now accept reservations on our instagram @pestoandlab

When you see flowers, you feel warm and cozy, that’s how we want our guests to feel when they’re sitting at the table.

How do you incorporate flowers into your private dining experience?

Our table setting style is modern-rustic, we want to create a comfortable, effortless and thoughtful dining environment for our guests. I love having flowers on the dining table as a centerpiece, they create a fresh and welcoming atmosphere. I often put little flowers or stems of herbs with the napkins, it’s all about the small details. 

What do flowers bring to a dining table?

I think flowers create a positive mood. When you see flowers, you feel warm and cozy, that’s how we want our guests to feel when they’re sitting at the table.

Can you share three tips on how to create an effortless dinner party. 

1. I like to mix & match different plates and wine glasses for each setting. It gives a fun and a less formal feeling.

2. Use a tablecloth with natural color and texture. It subtly elevates the table without drawing too much attention from the dishes.

3. Use fresh, seasonal flowers that match with the theme of the party. I like to use different flowers to create different moods.


Describe your interior style

Modern, cozy, effortless.

How does your space affect your mood?

My space makes me feel comfortable and calm. The big windows looking out onto a big piece of greenery makes me feel safe and free at the same time. I love looking at the moving trees and the thin clouds covering the top of the mountain in the morning. It’s mesmerizing and nature always makes me feel happy.


What are your favourite flowers?

I love neutral, soft, pastel coloured flowers with elegant and simple forms like white tulips, daisies, calla lily and lavender. 


Tell us about your most powerful flower memory

We visited a sunflower field in New Haven, USA and we sipped rosé whilst admiring the flowers; it was such a cheerful moment that I’ll never forget.


What is your favourite scent?

 Lavender, peppermint & black figs

Tell us about a significant scent in your life and what memories it evokes

 Burnt garlic and caramelized butter remind me of my kitchen adventures with my partner, Kevin. 



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