Thierry Chow

For this month’s My Life In Flowers we sat down with contemporary feng shui master Thierry Chow at her eccentric studio. Thierry combines the traditional Chinese practice with art and design to create feng shui that encapsulates our modern, busy lives.  Her colourful and quirky work space reflects both her style and personality, we chat to her about everything from how to increase positivity in your space to her favourite flowers and lucky scent.

Describe what you do

I’m a feng shui designer- by looking at people’s birth charts I help improve the feng shui of their space and also style themselves to add a little bit of creativity to their lives. I really wanted to bring feng shui and art together. I’ve been practising it for the last 7-8 years which I learnt from my dad- he’s the only person I would want to learnt it from.

What is Feng Shui?

The Chinese definition of feng shui is wind and water, it’s all about our environment - the five elements, ying and yang. How I see it, it’s everything that’s all around us. We look at how we can arrange our environment to make us as happy and healthy as possible, as well as to find harmony and balance from what we wear to how we live.

How do you incorporate art and design into feng shui?

I studied fine art, illustration and graphic design, and I’ve always been interested in fashion; I decided to bring these elements into feng shui, as they are something I’m really passionate about. Firstly, I teach people how to arrange their space - using the five elements, incorporating nature and how to add more positive energy. Secondly, with fashion I look at a person’s birth chart and will tell them what elements they lack and from that I can teach them how to style themselves using colour, texture, patterns, to give them more confidence and positivity.


Describe your interior style?

My interior style always focuses on colour, positivity and comfort. I also always focus on balance - in terms of the colours, lighting, texture and pattern. I would say my style is more cosy and a little a bit like me- quirky and cheerful.

How does your space influence your mood?

Everything in a space from the colours, lighting, height of ceiling can affect a person’s health, emotions and feelings, so we need to consider all elements within a space. A place with a low ceiling and packed in, makes us feeling suffocated and less creative. Personally, I tend to have a lot of things that represents life in my space, such as a lot of plants, flowers, a fish tank and things that make me feel more lively and give more positive energy. If I go to a space that feels very stagnant and suffocating, it makes me feel unwell and uncomfortable.


What are your favourite flowers?

I love anything that is more happy, so cheerful colours - I like bright pink, orange and yellow flowers. I prefer rounder shape flowers, that have a more elegant feel to them.

How do flowers affect your space?

In feng shui flowers represent love, relationships and life, allowing yourself to have a lot of flowers in your space can bring a lot of positive messages into your life. If you’re looking for better energy or love, you should include more flowers in your space.

Are there certain areas in your space that you always have flowers?

Because of the feng shui positioning, I always put plants and flowers in the north corner, as it will bring a lot of good energy in my career and relationships, other than that it helps to improve my environment- the plants can help purify the air and the greenery looks amazing indoors.

Is scent part of feng shui?

When we look at scent we can categorise them into the five elements; a more lemony, acidic scent belongs in the wood category, sweeter scents like lavender and jasmine belong in the earth category. You can play around with the five elements and different scents, if a person is lacking the wood element they can use more lemon scents to balance their birth chart, it’s also a fun way you help to find your personal or lucky scent.

What is your favourite scent and why?

My favourite scent is cinnamon, clove and ginger. I have a perfume that combines all these spices and elements, when I smell it I feel protected and it feels like me, I love it!

Tell us about a significant scent in your life and what memories it evokes

Jasmine evokes memories from my childhood in Hong Kong. I remember when I was really young there were elderly people selling jasmine on the side on the road, it always smelt amazing. The scent always reminds me of hong Kong and where I come from, its such a beautiful smell.



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