Mother’s Day Flowers

Celebrate all the strong women in your life this Mother’s Day with our natural and wild-inspired blooms. Our exclusive Mother’s Moon Bouquet and Flower Jars are inspired by mother nature, the female and maternal energy of the moon. The delicate colour palette of pale pinks, clean white and deep purple reflects the beauty of the female form.

Dinner Flower Jar

Add a touch of the wild and natural to your Mother’s Day dinner, use different sized flower jars to create interest and texture on your table. The pretty blooms will set the tone for a relaxed yet intimate dinner, serve sharing dishes to make the whole evening feel more sociable.


Breakfast in Bed Bud Vase

Surprise your mum with breakfast in bed, our bud vases add the perfect floral touch to a breakfast tray, side table or desk. Motherhood is often linked to spring time and nature, both symbolise life and fertility. Flowers are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, they bring the energy of the wilderness indoors and connect our spaces with nature.


Brunch Bouquet

Our Mother’s Moon Bouquet is an ode to mother nature herself, combining seasonal flowers, fresh foliage with our just-picked feel. The hessian wrapped bouquet will add a touch of the wild to a weekend brunch or afternoon tea. In Greek mythology, Mother Nature or Gaia was said to be the first Greek god and all living things were born from her womb. She nurtured, healed and supported all life on earth, according to legend she was also a healing goddess, all life forms depended on her maternal strength and guidance.

Have you heard of the girl with sun on her skin
Who can make flowers grow from her light within
And she runs through the world leaving life in her wake
With blossoms lining the path she takes
— Erin Hanson, Mother Nature


Give the gift of something wild this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Moon Large Flower Jar

Mother’s Moon Flower Bouquet

Mother’s Moon Bud Vase