Mid-Autumn Festival

In celebration of Mid-Autumn festival on 13th September we share some of our favourite myths and legends about the festival. The most well known tale is Chang'e flying to the moon, according to legend in ancient China there were ten suns in the sky, one day they all decided to scorch the earth at once. In order to save the earth, the Emperor of Earth summed the great archer Hou Yi to shoot down nine of the suns. Hou Yi succeeded in his mission and was rewarded with the elixir of immortality for his heroic quest. The archer gave the elixir to his wife Chang’e for safe keeping, however one of Hou Yi’s students, Peng Chang discovered Hou Yi’s elixir and planned to steal it. In order to prevent the potion falling into the wrong hands Chang’e drank the potion herself and immediately she began to float up to the sky. Chang’e chose to be immortal on the moon, as it was close to the earth and she could see her husband every day. Whist, Hou Yi would look up at the moon and put the foods Chang’e used to love in the garden as a sacrifice.


Another tale is the Jade Rabbit. As the story goes the jade emperor wanted to help the elixir of life and decided an animal would be the most trustworthy for the role. The Jade Emperor came down the Earth disguised as a beggar and went to search for a worthy animal in a forest; he met a monkey, fox and rabbit. Immediately the three animals helped the beggar search for food in the forest, both the monkey and fox came back with food for the hungry beggar, however the rabbit came back empty handed. Feeling guilty for not being able to help the man, the rabbit decided he could sacrifice himself by jumping into the fire, just as he was about to do so the beggar turned back into the emperor. As a reward for his noble act the emperor took the rabbit to the moon and taught him all the secrets of creating the elixir for life and the divine medicines. The emperor was so happy with the rabbit’s hard work and dedication he made the rabbit’s fur dazzling white, it was so bright and beautiful that it looked like the precious stone and from then on he was known as the Jade Rabbit.



Wild-inspired blooms for Mid-Autumn festival

Harvest Moon Flower Bouquet

Aurora’s Call Flower Jar

Harvest Moon Bud Vase


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