How To Feel Empowered

Harness the power of plants and discover natural ways to make you feel empowered and ready to take on the world. We’ve taken inspiration from ancient practices and traditional methods to share feel good tricks and uplifting daily rituals.


Begin your day with an uplifting Ayurvedic body massage; take 10 minutes out of your day to allocate some time and attention to yourself. Start by stroking your head, face, shoulders, then the rest of your body until you reach your legs and feet, this ultimate self care ritual will help to boost your positivity.

In aromatherapy, ginger is known as the oil of empowerment as it encourages feelings of courage and self confidence. Add the warming and energizing scent to a diffuser to ward off negative feelings. Alternatively mix ginger essential oil with bergamot and patchouli oils for a self-empowering blend that will invigorate your inner strength. Increase your mindfulness further and combine the uplifting fragrances with daily meditation, as you sit and focus on your breathing, inhale the powerful scents. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up throughout the day, our Floristry Aurora’s Call room spray is a refreshing and uplifting blend of lemongrass, bergamot and grapefruit, just spray around your space when you feel a dip in your energy levels.

By connecting with nature it will lift your spirits and make you feel good. Fill your space with plants and flowers, select floral arrangements that feature positive and mood enhancing colours, such as yellow, orange, and pink. The great outdoors is the perfect source of vitamin D, the energy from the sun will instantly make you feel calmer and the fresh air will rejuvenate your senses. Don’t underestimate the power of going for a walk outside, ideally barefoot, by connecting with the earth it will balance your energy, make you feel less stressed and give you a more positive outlook on life.


Empowering flowers and uplifting scents for your space

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