There’s nothing more beautiful than the sweet scent of freesias, the spring time favourite was named by Danish botanist Christian P Ecklon, who named them after his friend and fellow botanist, Friedrich H. T. Freese. It is said that freesias symbolise friendship and reflect the bond between Ecklon and Freese.


In the Victorian language of flowers freesias are a symbol of trust and innocence. Due to their citrusy fragrance they are often use in perfumes and cosmetics, while in art of aromatherapy the essential oil of the pretty blooms are used to relieve stress, enhance memory and increase alertness.

Raymond A.Foss’ poem ‘Into the Heart of the Flower’ is an ode to the delicate and fragrant flowers.

A fleeting image of freesia

flickering to life for an instant

flashing onto the screen

So much of the beauty

the artistry, symmetry

looking into the heart of the flower

Subtle colors, fragile parts

as if spun of glass

posed statuettes of grace


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