Floristry at M&L Curates Overgrown

Encounter a sense of the wild at Floristry at M&L Curates Overgrown. Designed to enable the visitor to experience a sense of nature without leaving the confines of the city. Partnering with a range of creatives from the world of art and design to curate an immersive floral and art installation.

Housed in Floristry at M&L’s Sheung Wan studio, the inaugural exhibition included photography, embroidery, illustration and ceramics, all exploring the artist's individual interpretation of nature and the wild. Upon entering the studio, Floristry’s own installation invited visitors to explore the raw beauty of the wilderness. By framing the entrance hall as a gateway between the urban streets and the exhibition space itself, the floral piece captured a true sense of the overgrown. Once through the floral installation, the visitor was invited to explore nature through various artistic mediums…

Lena P

Lena’s ethereal flora and fauna photographs encapsulate the purity of nature. The wales-based photographer only shoots on 35mm film, often shooting at dusk when the light is ‘beautiful and nature is quiet yet becoming’.  Using the medium of photography as a form of self expression through self-portraits to explore the female form and convey intimate emotions. Her work is concerned with both the natural landscape and the female form and how these relate to one another- both literally in her self portraits and also metaphorically using double exposure techniques. Inspired greatly by the landscape of the island she resides in, her work focuses on both the fragility and beauty of nature, the wild and the feminine.


Ophelia Jacarini

Through 9 embroidered nude female bodies, Blooming by Ophelia Jacarini creates a raw story telling of a female sexual life. The series openly explores the internal voices of young females. Taking the viewer on a whirlwind of a quasi-narrative embroidered story, exploring the journey of a girl’s sexuality. The series shows a female body blooming like a flower. The first piece being shaped like a little flower, while the last is a completely open female body.

Ophelia Jacarini works across a wide array of mediums, including photography, painting, drawing, embroidery and sculpture. Her work is intensely personal, revealing intimate details of her soul and thoughts. Using delicate techniques to embody her ideas and her sensitive approach acts upon traditional convention often governing the representation and vision of the body. The human body stands as a perfect subject with regards to her background both from fashion and fine arts. After a long study on the body as an envelope, Ophelia turned her focus to the intangible, such as mental madness, or the fetal memories.


Yves Lee

Fleur by Yves Lee, is a large scale ceramic installation, designed as partial installation within a recent sculpture work être-là. The serene meadow of porcelain paper and flowers invites the viewer to wander and engage within the piece, taking time to ponder the tranquil beauty that flowers possess. "Our story unfolds as time progresses, flower blossoms, yet frozen. Memories are in the past, past lives are in the past; everything else is frozen in the present. It is made of moments, memories and time" Yves Lee.

Yves Lee is a Sydney-based sculpture artist, her work fluctuates from large-scale ceramic installations to fine detailed ceramic pieces. Canadian born and Hong Kong raised, her work often borderlines between east and west cultures incorporating the use of ceramics and glass within a particular space that enhances an audience’s personal experience.


Yuki Chow

Yuki Chow expresses the female form and plants through a minimalist aesthetic. The clean and continuous lines of blind drawing convey her daily experiences as a woman and the world around her.

Yuki Chow is a visual artist based in Hong Kong, mainly working with charcoal and ink on paper and canvas. Much of her inspiration comes from her fascination and appreciation of the female form. Yuki’s figurative art pieces, constructed primarily with simple and clean lines, are an expression of her daily experiences as a woman, with a minimalist perspective. Yuki also has strong interest in abstract painting and blind contour drawing, which brings to life her artistic interpretation of the mundane realities of life and people she encounters daily.

Event Details

29th March 2019, 6-8pm, Opening night with artisanal drinks and floral ice installation by Dai Bing

30th - 31st March 2019, 11am - 8pm

G/F, 18, Bonham Strand West, Sheung Wan

CuratesJess Piatigorsky