Persephone's Descent

From acacia to viburnum, discover the meaning behind our seasonal bunches.


There's more to this season's arrangements than meets the eye. Here, we share the ideas inspiring our handcrafted bouquets…

The Persephone's Descent flower bouquet is inspired by the ancient Greek myth concerning the seasons of autumn and winter. According to legend, ~Persephone was abducted by Hades, king of the underworld and taken as his bride. Her mother, Demeter, was furious and as a result refused to let the earth fruit until her return. Hades complied but as Persephone had tasted the fruit of the underworld, the pomegranate, she was forced to spend half of the year with him and only half on earth with her mother. Persephone's return to earth is known as the spring and summer months, when the land is ripe and fruitful. Our autumnal bouquet featuring deep red dahlias, peachy roses, maroon straw flowers and dramatic amaranthus is inspired by the cooler, harvest months when once again Persephone descends into the underworld.

Available in a large bouquet or apothecary jar, this bunch is perfect for autumn.




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